Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Last time we talked about overcoming obsessions. Once we overcome or try to overcome your obsessions for people, we face an important issue that is negative thinking. We may overcome obsessions or any other mental or emotional issue but the problem is not fully solved until and unless we change our thinking pattern which plays a key role.

Negative thinking creates a large many problems for us destroying many of our relationships and creating losses in every day life in all aspects.

How do we change the way we think and adapt a better thinking style that can help us in our relationships, at our work and in accomplishing all our tasks??

From now on, we will be working on changing our negative thinking.
Which is essential for a productive life.


First, we must realize that this is NOT something that happens within days. You CANNOT change your yearsss long thinking styles in just a few days or weeks. It requires patience and consistency with a lot of time and efforts. Therefore don’t be harsh on your self. Take your time and just try. You might fall a thousand times, get up again smiling and be sure, you CAN do it… YES YOU CAN DO IT. Believe in yourself and stick to it. Right?

Okay let’s see next…what can we do?

Realize that it’s perfectly okay to have bad days or negative thoughts. You are a human, aren’t you? Then you can and you would suffer. You will have to face tough times. Your family might not support you. You may lose. Your boss may be a rude one. Your friends might leave you. Government might impose taxes and so on. You might face a thousand challenges at the same time and that will make you tired. It may result in you thinking negative. It’s perfectly and completely okay. Do not stress over it. Some negative thoughts may even compel you in being productive. The only thing we need to learn is _controlling our thoughts_. My thoughts should not control me rather I should be the one in control.

Let us understand the reason why we have negative thoughts. If you are anxious or worried about something, it is possible that you’ll have negative thoughts. Also, criticism and self beating are one of the major reasons of negative feelings and thoughts. If you are harsh on yourself, you will definitely give your mind the opportunity to be negative. Furthermore, regret and guilt about anything also make you prone to thinking negatively. Similarly, everyday life problems or anything worrying you may be the reason for you being negative.
A lot of negative self talk and self criticism give us low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Pushing away negative feelings and pretending that they don’t exist won’t help you, instead it will make matters worse. The more you try to push them and argue with them, the more they will come. Therefore, it is important to simply acknowledge them and work on channeling them.
We have to put our efforts in correct direction so that we obtain fruitful results. Wrong efforts at wrong places will only worsen our condition.

The question arises; if I am not supposed to argue or just push away my negative thoughts, what am I supposed to do then???
A few simple steps that require some effort and result in a really sweet fruit 🙂

The first thing we can do is to recognize our thinking pattern and once we understand our negativity, step back from it. Tell yourself these are just thoughts. My mind is just saying them. This is NOT the reality. There is no need to take them seriously. Don’t believe your thoughts. The problem is; we take them dead serious and act accordingly. This needs to be changed. Understand this is just what is going on in my mind and when I understand this truth, I won’t be taking it seriously unless it is actually useful for me.

Always start your day with anything positive because how your day started matters a lot. Always smile when you wake up. This is sometimes difficult remembering. It’s okay. Put a reminder on your phone or paste some post it note or something that reminds you to be happy and smile when you wake up. Write some positive quotes and put them on your bed side table or anything that gives you motivation and is uplifting. If nothing, just remember all those people who couldn’t wake up today and who would never now. You woke up, you are fine and you have a beautiful shining day ahead of you, fulllll of opportunities. It might have some pleasant surprises for you. It might bring you success and love. Why shouldn’t you be eager for a new start and why is it difficult to get out of bed? Don’t you want to unfold the presents it has for you? Don’t you want to have new opportunities and challenges that will teach you so many new things and give you some priceless experience??

When having negative thoughts, think all these thoughts and all that I am going through, will this matter after some time? Will this matter in next 2 -3 weeks? Next month? 3 years later? When I die? No? If no, then are these moments, that I have now, worth wasting? I have a very short life and I have my dreams, my job, my career, my responsibilities, my family, my friends and soooo much more…why should I waste away my time thinking like this, wasting my time and life and the precious few moments that I won’t ever get again??

Start spending your time in today…in present …in NOW…in what I have at this moment. Feel the surroundings feel nature feel the people around you, the blessings around you. Breathe. Feel your body…isn’t it working so accurately so actively? Your heart…isn’t it beating with a rhythm? Your brain…what a super computer is fit inside you! Such a miracle, isn’t it? Your eyes…they can see the wonders around you. This is so beautiful. This is amazing and awesome. Are you feeling it?? Just look around and feel, really feel and you’ll have lesser negative thoughts and happiness will grow inside you.

Start challenging your negative thoughts. Evaluate them. Suppose, someone else is having these thoughts. If you get to know about it, how would you respond? What would you think? What suggestions will you be giving to them? Apply the same logic to yourself too.

If you are having a lot of negative thoughts, give yourself 5 minutes. Let them come and don’t do or say anything. 5 minutes over, come back to present. Excuse yourself, take a break and ignore them. You gave them full 5 minutes of your very important time. Now is the time for work and present. Get back. It’s enough.

Name your thoughts. We always have same thoughts. It is a cycle; similar thoughts come and go. When you notice them, name them. Afterwards, when you start having those thoughts, smile and say, yesss now comes the anxiety bell. The anxiety bell wastes my time and I am not free. I can’t spare my time… sorryyyy. This way let it come and go. There is no need to be kind and welcoming to these guests. Let them know that they are unwanted and never welcome. But, be kind to your own self.

Replace the negativity in your surroundings. Find out the things that make you think that way. Think of the ways of improving them or you’ll need to cut off somethings. It’s fine cut them off for greater good. Avoid social media. There is no need to check the feed every hour. Avoid it. It has too much negativity that affects you. Trust me, you are better off without it.

Question your thoughts. Are they worth thinking? What benefits do they give me? Why thinking this way is important? Is this thought true? Does this help me in any way? Does it make me productive? What is the truth? How can I think differently? What is important? Should I really be taking this thought seriously? What should I be doing in this situation? What would someone else do at this time? Question yourself. Think about what you are thinking. Check and confirm the reality.

If you bring positivity in someone’s life, it will affect and help you too. Be kind and generous. Help others out. Listen to them. Be available for them. Make an effort to help them improve their life and make it better.

Work on your personality too. Focus on your strengths. Find out your qualities. Work on them. Improve your shortcomings. Make yourself healthy and strong. Maintain a smiling happy face. Be polite and pleasant. Try being productive. Strive with your strengths. Keep yourself busy.

Last and most important, practice gratitude. Be thankful for allll the things which you have and you take for granted. Make a list of your blessings. Be thankful every day. You are living a life soooo many people are wishing for. You have got the life so easily for which soooo many are striving for. You have got so many things just count them. Haven’t you got eyes that see? Your world is full of colors it isn’t black and white or just black… it has colors. Haven’t you got ears that hear? You can hear so many voices so many sounds. Imagine not being able to hear…silence complete silence around forever…would you be able to breathe? No, you won’t be able to. This silence would be killing. Don’t you have a place to live in? Don’t you have freedom to live? Don’t you have oxygen to breathe? And you are still being negative! You need to review yourself 🙂
You might be lacking a few things. So what! You have so many others. If you don’t have something that others have, you have something that others don’t have. So it’s okay. You are equal again.
And even if you aren’t, we all have to die in the end, haven’t we? Then, nothing matters.
You have a very short life time. Don’t waste it. Spend it carefully and consciously. Make full use of every moment. There is something for you… something special every day, in every event and every occasion. You just need to find it out and no one else can do this for you because it’s your special gift. How can someone else get what’s yours!

You are a very special unique person, created with love. Someone always loves you no matter what. You have wonders inside you. Unlock them. The world needs YOU and what you are hiding inside. Show everyone the beautiful and a miracle YOU.

Keep practicing. Don’t lose hope. You’ll be getting the results very soon. Believe in yourself because you are capable…you really are. I believe in you.

A free of negativity YOU emerging sooon 🙂 🌺

Prayers and Love ❣

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